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📄 How safe is the Lung T-500?

Although Lung T-500 is designed for shallow water exploration, there are inherent risks with ALL water activities. However, abiding by the Safety Guidelines can help to minimize those risks and ensure a safer experience.

📄 Can the Lung T-500 be used beyond a depth of 3m?

No, for user safety, it is strictly forbidden to use any Lung product beyond a depth of 3m.

📄 What standards does the Lung T-500 comply with?

The Lung T-500 complies with PPE (EU)2016/425 and is tested to standard EN 250:2014 Respiratory equipment, which is the European standard for diving equipment to meet the demands placed on it at depth and under high breathing loads.

📄 Is there a warranty for the Lung T-500?

Yes, there is a 12-month warranty on Lung products. More information can be found in the User Manual & Safety Guidelines.

📄 How do I check the air pressure in the Lung T-500?

The Lung T-500 has an integrated pressure gauge that allows you to easily check the air pressure.

📄 What type of air is in the Lung cylinder?

The Lung cylinder contains compressed air, which is the same air as the ambient air that everyone breathes and is the same air found in conventional diving cylinders.

📄 How long does it take to refill the Lung cylinder?

With the Lung Hand Pump, it takes around 15-20 minutes, refilling the cylinder in 5-minute sessions and allowing the pump to cool down for one or two minutes. With the 12v mini compressor, it takes approximately 10 minutes.

📄 Can I use my own pump/compressor to refill the Lung cylinder?

No, Lung tanks are only compatible with Lung refilling methods. Lung Hand Pump and Lung Compressor have built-in air and oil filters to ensure clean and safe air.

📄 What age is the Lung T-500 suitable for?

The Lung T-500 is suitable for users aged 18 and above. However, it is important for all users to read and fully understand the Safety Guidelines and User Manual.


User Manual and Safety Guidelines