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Breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes and easily refill on the go

Welcome to LUNGTANK, a brand committed to providing you with an unmatched diving experience through our premium lungtanks. Each of our mini scuba tanks is meticulously engineered to ensure reliability and maximum enjoyment. We don’t just sell dive tanks; we create an experience. An experience that empowers you to explore the vast underwater world and discover its countless wonders with absolute confidence. With LUNGTANK, you can unlock the boundless potential of the ocean and embark on your own thrilling adventure beneath the waves.


Complete Freedom

Upgrade your snorkel to a Lung Tank and experience the freedom of breathing underwater.


Refill Anywhere

Easily refill your Lungtank with air wherever you are, without the requirement of electricity.


Compactness and Lightness

Easily carry our Lungtank during your explorations, thanks to its practical and lightweight design.

The mini scuba tank Lungtank

Unleash the Power of LUNGTANK !

About Us

picture of a lungtank mini scooba tank with hand pump

At LUNGTANK, our vision is to make the unexplored depths of the ocean accessible to everyone.

Regardless if you’re dipping your toes into the world of diving for the first time or a seasoned professional, our innovative mini dive tanks are meticulously crafted to provide you with a diving experience like no other. Compact, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use, these tanks put the magic of marine exploration at your fingertips.
Not one to compromise on quality, every LUNGTANK mini dive tank is crafted using superior quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure not just your safety but also your complete satisfaction. So dive in, the water’s fine, and the depths are waiting!

The Concept of LUNGTANK Mini Scuba Tanks

Explore its Operation and Features


Discover the exceptional features of the LUNGTANK mini scuba tank. With a 10-minute autonomy and a maximum diving depth of 3 meters, this tank offers an unparalleled underwater experience.

The LUNGTANK mini scuba tank is equipped with a convenient valve that allows you to refill it yourself. You can use a manual pump or a mini compressor to easily fill it with air before each dive. This feature provides great flexibility, allowing you to dive without relying on an external air source.

With its integrated pressure gauge, you can monitor the air pressure inside the tank in real-time. This enables you to plan your dives safely and manage your autonomy effectively.

The mini scuba tank from LUNGTANK also features a comfortable mouthpiece, allowing you to use it directly by placing it in your mouth. This provides a convenient and enjoyable diving experience.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for travel or short-duration adventures. Easy to transport, it conveniently fits into your dive gear bag, enabling you to explore the underwater wonders with freedom.

Experience underwater exploration with confidence using the LUNGTANK mini scuba tank, designed to provide an autonomous and thrilling diving experience. Refill it yourself, dive up to 3 meters deep, and enjoy unforgettable moments underwater.

Refill Methods for LUNGTANK Mini Scuba Tanks

Refilling with Manual Pump or Mini Compressor

The Lungtank Hand Pump for mini scuba tank

The Lungtank Hand Pump

Would you like to refill your mini scuba tank anywhere and with ease? Look no further than the Lungtank Hand Pump.

With the Lungtank Hand Pump, you can easily refill your mini scuba tank, such as the Lungtank 500, in approximately 15 minutes. Its key advantage lies in its user-friendly design, lightweight construction, and the ability to operate independently without the need for a power source.

The Hand Pump stands out from conventional bicycle pumps due to its internal design, which enables it to reach higher pressures.

Included with the Hand Pump is a high-pressure cable that connects the pump to the mini scuba tank. The pump is equipped with a reliable filter system to ensure the delivery of high-quality air. For your convenience, each Hand Pump comes with a bag of 25 filters (1 filter provides approximately 5 refills).

The Lungtank 12V Mini Compressor for mini scuba tank

The Lungtank 12V Mini Compressor

The Lungtank 12V Mini Compressor is the perfect solution for convenient refilling of your mini scuba tanks. With the included crocodile clips, you can easily connect the compressor to a battery in your car, boat, or other vehicle, allowing you to refill your mini scuba tanks in approximately 12 minutes. Additionally, a 220V converter is provided, enabling you to connect the mini compressor to a standard power outlet.

Thanks to its compact size (20cm x 10cm x 10cm) and lightweight design (5kg), the mini compressor is highly portable, making it an ideal choice for refilling your mini scuba tanks on the go.

The mini compressor comes complete with a high-pressure cable for connecting it to the mini scuba tank. It is equipped with a reliable filter system to ensure the delivery of high-quality air. Each mini compressor includes a bag of 25 filters (1 filter allows approximately 5 refills). For your convenience, additional filter bags can be purchased separately.